Routinely Scanning Recently-Modified Files using ClamAV

It’s important to ensure system is kept virus-free, whether it be a server, workstation, or personal desktop computer. This tends to be easier with windows as we’re all familiar with the mountain of free and paid anti-virus programs available. You simply install one and it usually scans and monitors your system on its own. There are some options like this for Linux, but generally, as with any Linux system, you get many more configuration options to have it run how you want it to.

Installing ClamAV Anti-Virus on CentOS 7

ClamAV is an open source anti-virus utility for Linux designed to detect viruses, malware, and our favorite – php script exploits. It does a great job at picking up php files containing backdoors, remote file managers, spam mailer bots, etc. We run this on all of our hosting servers daily. It is especially useful for detecting and removing files uploaded by the numerous exploitable Wordpress 3rd party plugins.