Installing SSL Certificates in Apache from Comodo PositiveSSL

Let’s face it, with all of the security breaches these days, encryption is becoming a standard on the internet. With modern servers having multiple 8 and 12 core CPUs, the overhead generated by implementing SSL is negligible. I always buy my SSL certificates from Comodo PositiveSSL through Namecheap. The reason for this is you can get a signed SSL certificate with 99.9% compatibility for only $9.00 per year. There is one annoyance though. Comodo doesn’t have good documentation on installing these certificates! Follow this quick tutorial and you’ll have SSL running in no time.

Enabling SSL with MySQL Replication in CentOS 6 / RHEL 6

We recently began using MySQL replication to handle our database backups. The reason we aren’t able to use mysqldump is because of the sheer size of our database. Our database consists of close to 1 million tables. Percona XtraBackup is able to back this up efficiently, but takes quite a while to run and causes a lot of disk io on the production server. The replicated instance resides on a separate physical server in a separate physical location. Everything works perfectly, except one thing… All the data is being transmitted in plain text! This document will walk you through installing SSL support on your server.