Resizing a Raw Virtual Machine LVM Partition Using fdisk


As the amount of data we store continues to grow and grow, there is bound to become a time that you will need to resize your partitions to add more disk space. On our of my MySQL replication virtual servers, I created it initially with a 200GB disk. After moving all the data over, was wishing I would have had a bit more space. Good news is this can easily be done. I should note that I am using raw image files, not lvms, so there is a bit more work required.

R1Soft CDPServer Error “Failed backup of LVM configuration”


Backing up your data is essential to anyone using a computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re an IT administrator managing hundreds of servers or a casual user typing up a essay for class. Some of us simply insert a USB stick and copy our files over from time to time. Others rely on more sophisticated solutions to run backups routinely without any manual work needed. One of these solutions is R1Soft, also referred to as CDPServer. But what do we do when these systems don’t work?